Exclusive Reporting

Jul 2

Tencent To Launch Integrated Mobile Gaming Platform at July 3rd Partners Conference


Tencent will launch a new integrated mobile gaming platform at the Tencent Partners Conference on July 3. The platform will integrate QQ Games, Mobile QQ, Qzone and WeChat games in a gaming distribution platform. The platform will feature the first mobile games on WeChat, Tencent’s first step towards monetizing its more than 400 million WeChat users.

The first two games on WeChat will be Halfbrick’s “Fruit Ninja” and Imangi Studios’ “Temple Run 2,” according to Tencent VP Ma Xiaoyi. Ma said “the WeChat platform will only feature high quality games to, which is what delayed the platform’s launching.” Another Tencent executive said: “The WeChat platform will include both third party games and games developed by Tencent. The company wants to build the WeChat platform into another App Store.”

Chen Haozhi, a leading game developer, predicts that Tencent’s mobile game platform will become a vital distribution channel for gaming companies and will account for 1/3 of all mobile games users in China.

A CEO from a gaming company said, “We are worried that Tencent will take a higher percentage of revenue from in-platform game purchases than the 30% that Apple takes in the App store.”